Top Traders Worldwide

In order to attract the best traders in the world, we need a world class management team. Not only do we have experience trading, but at our roots, we are a financial technology firm. Our intent is to bring our traders the very best technology that makes us stand out from our proprietary trading firms. For those who successfully pass our challenge and evaluation process, because of our collective skill sets and insight into trading, we want to provide (i) a transparent environment that allows our traders to see real order books where trading is really taking place, (2) API connectivity that will enable (i) trading on one’s smart phone or tablet or (ii) if doing automated trading can do API calls or if doing manual trading can go to a website, and (3) true access to a live environment rather than working in a demo environment, compared to using metatrader 4 or metatrader 5, which is technology dated back to the 1990s, that are used by other proprietary trade firms.

Our mission is to find disciplined top traders to trade with our capital


Find Top Traders

We are searching the world, except for certain countries where we are not able to accept applications
from people or corporate entities, for the top traders. We need top traders with experience and discipline who will respect and follow our trading objectives and goals, and make money funded with our money from $10,000 to $250,000. We share up to 90% of profits with our traders.

Evaluate Traders

When traders come to us, because we’re going to fund “live” trading accounts for those we accept and approve
We must be sure that they are disciplined, will follow our trading objectives and goals, while implementing their trading strategies to make a profits. We have a Top Traders Worldwide Challenge - Evaluation and Verification process that enables us to determine who we can approve and fund.

Most Advanced Trading Environment

We evaluated the other Proprietary Trading Firms around the world. We decided to set up a program with technology that could make us the premier prop trading firm in the world.
Most of the other firms don’t trust their traders with a “live” trading environment and make them operate in a simulation that is connected to their firm’s platform using antiquated software from the 1990s -- MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5, instead of providing API connectivity. Because we are a financial technology company at our core, it is our plan to remain as a forerunner that provides the very best trading environment and tools for those with automated algorithmic strategies or others who manually trade with our money.
Trading Programs

Examples of Our Trading Programs


$10,000 Trading Program

ERD’s management team completely customized a cloud-based legal case management software and record retrieval software platform which is named C.A.R.E. It stands for Case And Record Expert, but C.A.R.E. is so much more appropriate
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$25,000 Trading Program

MOOV, ERD management’s newest project, in the riding hailing, food delivery and courier services industry. Uber, Lyft, and their progeny around the world, the relationship between drivers and riders. Litigation against them focuses on whether drivers are really employees and should be treated accordingly, even though allegedly they are independent contractors.
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$25,000 Trading Program

In a joint venture, ERD’s management offered a patented inductive coupling technology – a leading edge Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system – a system that replaces traditional paper shelf labels. This ESL system is an extraordinary tool that empowers retail chain management to implement their merchandise pricing and gross profit margin strategies, without the traditional labor costs and time delays which plague retailers around the world, from the C-Suite.

$50,000 up to $500,000 Trading Programs

The ERD management team knows that “the new normal sucks!”  Most people are sick and tired of staying at home and not going to concerts, sports and other events when social interaction is essential for our health.  But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we closed our doors on the world as it slowly grinded to a halt.  No concerts.

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